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Danish design made from recycled plastic: HOUE shows how it’s done

Furniture manufacturer HOUE has developed a chair made from recycled plastic packaging – thus proving that climate protection and modern design isn’t an either/or choice – quite the opposite.

Danish furniture studio HOUE and its designers developed the world’s first designer chair made from recycled plastic waste: the FALK chair. The recycled plastic used for the chair is produced by Interseroh’s Recycled Resource process. And the resulting chair doesn’t just look great but also represents a new application for used plastics.

"FALK is the result of a unique approach to product design. "

Lars Houe Founder HOUE

Modern – but sustainable? Perfectly possible!

Creating the FALK design chair required the innovative use of Interseroh's recycled plastics. Markus Müller-Drexel, Managing Director, INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH: “FALK is a pioneering step towards greater sustainability in the furniture sector."

At the end of its lifecycle, the chair can be dismantled into its individual parts for recycling. FALK is a flagship project for the closed-loop economy and environmental protection.

Compared with the use of primary raw materials, manufacturing 100 chairs from recycled plastics saves 7,300 kilowatt-hours of energy – the same as 2,352 loads of laundry.

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