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  • Sustainability 2018

    Managing raw materials in the loop to avoid waste. Interseroh’s achievements here are showcased by the latest issue of the Sustainability Magazine.

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zero waste solutions

Our business model is based on the conviction that we have to conserve our resources and avoid wastage. Our zero waste solutions mission aims to establish a sustainable basis for meeting the increasing demand for resources from a growing global population and ensure that valuable resources are conserved. We are also rigorous about orienting our own internal processes on sustainability.

A shared approach to responsibility

Our employees are our most valuable resource – and we take a shared approach to responsibility, supported throughout by our ‘we are one’ corporate culture: We are united by the values of respect, communication and responsibility, and our day-to-day contact. We work together to succeed inour mission to achieve ‘zero waste solutions'.

We are one

Our ‘we are one’ corporate culture stands for respect, communication and responsibility. These shared values are what unites us – whatever job we perform at Interseroh – and whatever our background, beliefs or choice of partner. Even if we only look at Interseroh in Germany, we find employees from 41 nations and with ages ranging from 16 to 67. We also work to improve equal opportunities among our employees by valuing our diversity, taking an interest in our co-workers and seeking to learn from one another. Our competency model embodies a shared understanding of our values and offers orientation for employees throughout the company.  It forms a starting-point for refreshing our commitment to our vision of ‘zero waste solutions’ on a daily basis – not resting on our laurels but striving to find the right ways to achieve this vision.

Circular economy 4.0

Digitalisation exerts an influence on all of Interseroh’s business activities and can facilitate greater sustainability in many areas. This is why we are taking steps to make our business fit for the future. We are using our digitalisation strategy to tackle the digital transformation, develop new ways of communicating and address very recent developments such as blockchain and the Internet of Things. Our #DigiCampus HR development strategy is educating our employees about these new opportunities: courses on digital communication and the paperless office are supplemented by training in project management, software development and process modelling. The curriculum is being constantly expanded to reflect our requirements to ensure our employees have exactly the skills they need for their day-to-day work and our shared future. Our careers website   is also helping us to identify new talent to help with our digital transformation.

Promoting health, achieving balance

Finding a healthy work-life balance between our partners, family and career can sometimes be something of a challenge. We support our employees with flexible working hour arrangements, holiday at short notice, home office opportunities and a family room. This support is supplemented by advice and services from pme Familienservice – ranging from care and assistance for children and dependants to crisis counselling and preventive health solutions. Interseroh also makes every effort to ensure that work accidents can be avoided. We are also using our ‘zero accidents’ campaign to raise awareness among employees for safe working practices: at Interseroh’s facilities, display boards have been set up that clearly show the number of days since a reportable accident for all to see. And when a plant manages to tally up 90 days with zero accidents, all of its employees receive a voucher.

"Every one of us can make their contribution to a sustainable corporate culture. As Sustainability Ambassadors, our employees can present their own ideas and sustainable projects that contribute to the success of our company. A broad-based team promotes these initiatives throughout Interseroh: this keeps communication channels open and helps us develop sustainability as a continuous process. "

Paola Viehoff Projektmanagerin Business Development ReDuce and Sustainability Ambassador

Staff initiatives for sustainability

We achieve more together. This is why our staff are actively contributing to making Interseroh a more sustainable company. Sustainability Weeks have been held regularly by our Sustainability Ambassadors since 2016 to provide staff with advice on waste avoidance, resource conservation and sustainable eating habits, and encourage participation in sharing programmes and CO2-friendly commutes. The city cycling campaign is also very popular. The aim here is to cover as many kilometres by bike in three weeks to contribute to local climate protection and raise awareness about the need to expand urban cycling infrastructure. In 2018, Interseroh racked up nearly 4,680 ‘cyclometers’, thereby saving around 664 kilograms of CO2 equivalent.

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Sybilla, Merian
Sybilla, Merian

Sustainability Manager

Stephanie, Thiele
Stephanie, Thiele

Sustainability Manager

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