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Sustainable corporate governance

For Interseroh, sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy. We therefore take personal responsibility in all of our business activities – for our customers and staff, and for the environment and society at large. We take particular care in formulating our sustainability strategy and commission annual reports on our targets.

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Interseroh's sustainability strategy 

In our film, we demonstrate what sustainability means for us, how this has influenced our corporate strategy, and what we want to achieve in the future.

Our sustainability strategy
zero waste solutions

no waste of ideas

no waste of resources

zero waste solutions


Innovations are the lifeblood of successful transformation processes. We try out every idea that brings us closer to our goal of closed loops – even if we risk failure by doing so. This is the only way to create the kind of disruptive changes that our linear economy needs.

We provide our cust­omers with support for their efforts to profes­sionalise their sustain­able practices and integrate sustain­ability into their reporting processes by fully exhausting the digital­isation potential of our services

We extend product lifetimes by tapping into new markets and ex­panding the business models we have devel­oped for them to achieve an annual revenue growth of at least 20 percent with these models.

To ensure that manu­facturing and retail can use resources more efficiently than before, we work with our customers to develop new design-for-recycling approaches.

We believe that resource usage is future-oriented only if it involves absolutely no waste at all. This is why we work on new ways of closing material loops every day.

To rid the planet of plastic waste in the long term, we develop new upcycling solutions for plastics every year. We also work to improve the quality and quantity of the secondary raw materials that we create and offer to manu­facturers for use in their production processes.

If global warming is to be kept under the limit of two degrees Celsius, global resource consumption must be­come decoupled from economic growth. This is why we are developing new material and log­istics loops with which we intend to save at least 5 million tonnes of resources and 800,000 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalents annually.

To achieve significant reductions to the per capita environmental impact, especially in urban areas, we also take an integrated approach to waste prevention and to achieving a substantial increase in recycling rates.

Our employees and their capabilities lie at the heart of our expertise as an environmental services provider. In order to make sure they can perform at their best for our customers every day, we need to provide for and guarantee their health and safety, motivation and career development.

We want to promote the physical and mental health of our employees while reducing our sick­ness, accident and staff turnover rates to below the averages for the in­dustry. This is why we provide a safe, value-oriented and innovative working environment that actively supports personal development.

We want to guarantee full and effective parti­cipation to absolutely everyone at all levels of our company – and independently of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or social status. This is why we ensure that equal opportunities are truly equal for all (poten­tial) employees within our company.

In order to develop a comprehensive circular economy, we have to share our experience and knowledge – and not only with our customers, but with all areas of business and society at large. This is the only sure way to raise awareness about the ecological and economic benefits of efficient closed-loop management.

We see it as our duty to promote sustainable lifestyles and patterns of consumption. In this context, we act as an intermediary to ensure that knowledge about the closed-loop solutions economy is established in education, politics, business and civil society.

We want to develop and (internationally) scale up approaches and stan­dards for circular econ­omy solutions suitable for any industry. To do so, we are working close­ly with our partners, stakeholders, suppliers and customers. At the same time, we give our employees the creative space they need to participate in relevant initiatives for developing solutions in the circular economy.


no waste of talent

no waste of knowledge

Global objectives - local roots: the background to our strategy

We want to make an active contribution to meeting the global challenges facing sustainability. This is why we have oriented our sustainability strategy closely on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. With the aid of a materiality analysis, we identified the topics and goals where our contributions will have the greatest impact – and which our stakeholders consider the most relevant. Interseroh’s Sustainability Advisory Board also helped us set priorities and add detail to our value proposition. The Board’s experts are drawn from manufacturing, retail, research and civil society. This process has resulted in a total of four action areas, which reflect our strategic principles and are underpinned by several detailed points of focus.

Our sustainability programme assigns specific targets to these strategic points of focus. Every year, we publish full details of our action plans, our progress and our target statuses.

Four strategic pillars for success

Interseroh’s business model is anchored on four principles: ReDuce, ReUse, ReCycle and ReThink. All of these are oriented on a holistic, closed-loop economy and contribute to our overall mission of ‘zero waste solutions’.


115.751 tonnes of CO2 –Interseroh’s corporate carbon footprint (CCF). Interseroh calculated its CCF again for 2017, to achieve transparency about all emissions along the value chain. And the largest share is transportation, with 60,386 tonnes of CO.2.


An estimated 5.8 million tonnes of primary resources saved. In 2017 alone, Interseroh’s recycling activities helped to save around 5.8 million tonnes of primary resources.


834.129 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided. By saving around 5.8 million tonnes of primary raw materials, this also avoided roughly 834,129 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.


+900 tonnes of CO2. In 2018, Interseroh’s site-based greenhouse gas emissions (including business trips) rose by 900 tonnes year-on-year, totalling 29,449 tonnes of CO2. This represents an increase of approximately 3.0 percent, which is due mainly to the expansion of the business.


Over 25 years in the circular economy. Interseroh celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. Since starting business, Interseroh has managed to return over 15 million tonnes of material to the resource loop in the packaging segment alone.


33 Sites. Interseroh currently operates 33 sites in eight countries, including a new centre of competence for plastics recycling that opened in 2016 in the city of Maribor in Slovenia and an IT refurbishment plant near Berlin, which opened in 2017.


EUR 739 million in sales. In 2018, Interseroh’s revenue rose by 43%. Profit declined to EUR 6.7 million (2017: EUR 20.7 million).


1,791 Employees. In 2018, Interseroh expanded its workforce by 13.1% to 1,791 employees (2017: 1,583 employees). We also increased our apprentice and BA student headcount to 33.


25 percent of management positions held by women. In 2018, women held 25.4% (2017: 19.5%) of the positions available in Interseroh’s top three levels of management.

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Sybilla, Merian
Sybilla, Merian

Sustainability Manager

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Stephanie, Thiele

Sustainability Manager

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